Don’t Break the Chain


My wife reminded me today that my blog has not been updated in a few weeks (yikes! Where does the time go?) by subtly asking me if I had heard of the concept of “Don’t Break the Chain” by Jerry Seinfeld. Knowing how much I enjoy Seinfeld, I had to search for what she meant. I found this article on Lifehacker that spoke about a method used by Jerry Seinfeld to cure his procrastination problem and be more productive.

The idea is that you must do something, even if it is only 15 minutes or a half hour, every single day. Every day, you mark a big red “X” on a calendar and this creates a chain. And you can never break the chain.


Great advice and something I am going to do. I have my chart up on the wall and as soon as I push the publish button on this post there will be a red X to mark the start of my chain. I could have used a calendar but instead I am using a sequential chart of numbers as I think it will better represent a chain. I found my chart at the Writers Store, but you can use any calendar or just print out a long list of numbers.

Just thinking about Seinfeld brings back a lot of memories – those shows were funny, but they take me back to certain times of my life in the same way that great music takes me back in time.

What’s the deal with procrastination? what is the best productivity tip?


Seinfeld’s latest project is “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” and I enjoy the show. Check it out here or on Facebook. (Brian Regan was my favourite so far…)

Ok, this is the end of todays block of time, time to do other things. The big red X is up and my chain has begun!


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