Another NFL Season Has Begun


The NFL is Baaaaaccccckkkkk!!! And so is my favourite team, the New England Patriots. Go Pats!

This week’s milestone/fun fact is Tom Brady just became the fastest player in NFL history to reach 125 wins to start his career. His record as a starting QB is now a staggering 125-34 which is in a word, ridiculous.

The highlights and stats of the game can be found HERE. It’s always fun to see your favourite team start off with an opening day win (9th in a row) and it is fun to watch the highlights of all the other games as well.

Unfortunately, there is an ugly side to football as well. The players are stronger, the equipment is harder and the game is played at a very high speed. The violent side of football is the dark aspect that is not talked about much but is gaining more traction among league officials. Recently a few ex-players have committed suicide due to the head trauma they endured while playing football. These ex-players shot themselves in the chest so that their brains can be studied for the after effects of multiple concussions. There is also an ongoing lawsuit right now by many ex-players who are suing the NFL for compensation due to the effects of these concussions. Many new rules are in place in an attempt to increase player safety but no matter what they do, football is a violent sport.

This issue is not new, as a hundred years ago it was common for a few players to die each year. (almost 20 in 1904). In 1905, Teddy Roosevelt helped save the game by helping to create the NCAA and establish rules to make sure the game survived. They even wrote a book about it!

No matter how you slice it, football is a violent sport and that is probably why we like it. (Even if we don’t want to admit it.) It’s easier to pretend that the announcer knows what he is talking about when he says “He looks OK”. Never mind that he just got hit by a 300 pound man running at full speed who lowered his helmet and then fell on the leg which twisted awkwardly. Just shake it off! Next man up.

I will leave you with this great piece by J.R. Moehringer of ESPN which tells a story in 120 parts, just like the typical football game has about 120 plays. Enjoy. Football is Dead. Love Live football..


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