What Surprises Will the New iPhone Bring?


Today is the last day the iPhone 4S will be the best phone (and mini computer) in the world. After tomorrow, it will merely be the second best as the new iPhone will take its place.

You may be thinking, aren’t there other (bigger) phones out there that are better? Isn’t Apple going through the motions now? Aren’t all phones basically the same?

Uh, no.
Almost Here
I read a great article about a chef analogy which states that although the ingredients may be very similar, when a master chef prepares the meal you do notice a difference. If we look at a matrix with all the specs of screen size, memory, chips and materials and put a check mark next to each one, we don’t really know which one is the best. We have to hold it, use it and see how all the parts – hardware, software, and the apps that go with it all work together.

Many people confuse hardware specs or screen size with the actual product. Checking off various numbers on a matrix is the lazy persons method of comparing products. There is a great saying that sums up this idea.

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

There is a shocking amount of rumour mongering among the “serious” press along with zero fact checking when discussing Apple and their competitors. There is a huge industry built up around Apple rumours, most likely due to stock speculators which unfortunately takes away from the magic and surprise of the announcements. Apple itself says nothing and yet your bag boy at the super market will tell you what the new phone will be like based on his “supply chain checks” and “people familiar with the matter.”


It used to be fun to speculate and then be surprised. I try to avoid the rumours now and just wait and see whether I should upgrade or not. The best part about the secret sauce of the devices being software is that older devices can still be upgraded for free by pushing a button to download and install.

So my prediction for tomorrow’s iPhone announcement? I expect it to look very similar to last year’s model and be faster, thinner and have a better camera. It may even have a slightly stretched screen. The real magic lies in the software, where I hope for a few surprises with Siri, new or improved apps and maybe “one more thing…”. Who knows?

I am pretty sure it will have fantastic integration with iOS 6 and be a wonderful device. And it will be the best mini computer on the planet. And also a phone, I guess.

Same ingredients, but a better chef.

Besides, nobody needs a huge screen.


What do you think?

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