I’m Throwing a Flag at the NFL


This NFL referee lockout is getting ridiculous. The replacement refs are hopelessly under qualified and are making horrible calls or not making obvious calls.

The TV commentators are openly mocking them while the coaches and players are screaming at them so much that the league is now fining anybody who says anything bad about the mess they have created.

Last night I watched the Pats/Ravens game and it was brutal – there was a penalty flag on every other play and no rhythm to the game. Worse, the refs practically gave the game to the Ravens with non calls, idiotic calls (a 2 yard interference penalty – really?) and failing to review the game winning kick which appeared to have missed.

Everything about the NFL now is inelastic for demand. There’s nothing they can do right now to hurt the demand for the game. Let them eat cake. -Steve Young

There is no mistake about it, this is an attempt to bust the union by the billionaire owners of the NFL. Much like the robber barons of old, the owners feel that the pleebs will watch no matter what and that eventually the referees union will cave in to their demands.

I think it is disgusting and greedy on the part of the owners and reminds me of what the NHL is also trying to do with its lockout of the hockey players.

Both sports already have salary caps and record revenue and attendance, so what is with the union busting? If they manage to reduce costs, will they pass along those savings in lower ticket prices? I doubt it.


Does anybody pay money to see what cigar the owners are smoking? No, we want to see the best players in the world perform. I hope the owners come to their senses soon so we can see good football games. If I have to see much more of what I saw this weekend, I may just turn off the games and wait until they sort it out.

UPDATE: Well, after last nights latest debacle, it looks like the players are fed up too. Who knows, maybe they will strike to hit the owners in the only place it seems to hurt, which is their wallets.

ESPN analysts and former NFL quarterbacks Trent Dilfer and Steve Young appeared almost in tears at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game.

“The NFL has always said we will do anything, anything to project the shield,” said Dilfer. “It’s ironic that you, the NFL, are what is screwing the brand up right now.”


What do you think?

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