Watt’s Up with That?


Lots of people have battery powered gadgets. When I was young, our battery powered gadgets did one thing, and they were powered by the copper top or the energizer bunny. (Kids today!)

The latest and hottest gadget out there is the smart phone and these small devices can be used for email, web surfing, music, streaming video, games, and thousands of other apps too. All of this on a small, crystal clear full colour backlit display.

Watt's up with that?

While some complain about the length of their battery life, I find it amazing that a small device can do such much for so many hours. It was only a few years ago that small devices were black and white, only did a few things with zero connectivity and still had shorter battery life than todays devices.

What is it about these new devices that they are so important to us?

Recently Apple updated their iPhone and also the underlying operating system which has caused some panic and alarm with some people who find their battery life is now shorter. There may be some truth to the reports and if so, I hope there is a fix for it soon. I was speaking to a friend who is obsessed with this issue and the odd part is that he is a person who says he never checks his battery and likes to just let it work. Now it seems to consume him and I don’t think he will rest until he figures it out or there is a fix.

But here’s the thing – the battery still lasts for a whole day, but it has less juice at the end of the day than it used to, and this is from a sane, rational person who even says he doesn’t care about these things.

What is it about these new devices that they are so important to us? Why are there “Blackberry people”? Or iPhone lovers? Is our email/Twitter/Facebook/texting really that important?

Get off the MyFace and Tweetstagram already and go play outside you kids!

And get off my LAN!


What do you think?

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