First 1812, Now This


Oh Canada! Free health care, hippie socialist policies AND more productive workers with an average higher net worth than their US counterparts? That’s what a new study found that said even though Canadians worked 85 hours less (two work weeks!) than US workers and take more vacation, Canadians have a higher net worth.

This reminds me of the concept of “constraints are good“, where limiting the time to do a task actually increases output. This whole notion of grinding it out, or working overtime is nonsense as years of studies show again and again that extra work has extreme diminishing returns after basically 40 hours a week.

Go home at 5:00, spend time with your family, talk to your friends.

Besides, aren’t healthy happy workers more likely to do great work? And aren’t people paid an annual salary? 48/52 weeks is still a very high percentage.

In general, the amount of hours worked in the Western world has decreased steadily for the past half century. So don’t feel bad, take a 3 or 4 week vacation this year and really explore a different culture or part of the world.


What do you think?

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