It Is What It Is


Yesterday, I watched a team with the number one defence beat a team with the number one offence in a football game. As they say, “defence wins championships”.

Ray Lewis

But is that really true? The team with the number one defence won the game because they scored a 50 yard touchdown against a bad defence. Didn’t the offence win the game? Of course, football is a team sport and all three phases must be working together for the win.

The football pundits will go on and on about how great the defence of the winning team was but in a relatively low scoring game decided by one point, both teams had pretty good defences. As so often happens on any given sunday, the game came down to a few key plays that could have gone either way.

A lot of things in life also come down to a few small details that could go either way, but most of us just focus on the big things or events without understanding all the small events that led up to the big moment.

I forget this myself and I have to remind myself to be in the moment, take in the details and try and do the best I can in those few seconds, minutes and hours.

Lucky for me, when I make a mistake, I do not have 80,000 screaming fans yelling at me.


What do you think?

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