Homemade Soup


Today was a great family Saturday. After breakfast we headed off to my Daughter’s ballet class and my wife and I took a nice walk down by the lake.

We had lunch at my parents house and my Mom had made some soup filled with vegetables from their garden.

It was incredible.

I had forgotten what real food tasted like in soup. My wife also makes some amazing and very gourmet type soups, but this one was simpler with large chunky organic ingredients.

What are we eating most days in our processed foods and soups? They do taste good (salty?) but they do not taste anything like real food.

Maybe we should go to the market more often or turn our backyard into a garden next year.

In any case, I hope to eat more real food in the future because it really does taste better.

If you need more reasons to eat organic food, just look up Monsanto on the web or read the book “Food Nation”.

And eat more homemade soup!


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