Searching for the Great Pumpkin


Today we went in search of the Great Pumpkin. We ventured out to Quinn farm and the pumpkin patch where the kids found some perfect pumpkins and some great mud to splash in and cover their boots.

I had brought a nice wind blocker jacket that was not quite enough to keep out the cold. My wife had asked before we left if I was sure I didn’t need a jacket, hat or gloves and warned me that it was cold but I said I would be fine. Mind over matter.

Of course I was very cold but I could not let on that she was right, even though she was, and she knew but was kind enough not to mention it to me later.

After our pumpkin outing, our neighbours invited us over for a fun party with pizza, cupcakes and drinks. The parents were upstairs with the kids creating havoc in the basement.

The Patriots were playing and the only TV was in the basement so I missed the game which was won in heart stopping fashion by the Pats. The ended the game on the old typical walk off strip sack. Classic.

I had raked some leaves with my daughter earlier in the day and taken a walk in our park where we found some nice leaves to press in a book. It was a hundred acre wood type blustery day and all in all the perfect Fall day.

But I will wear a warmer jacket from now on.


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