When Did Politics Become a Game?


Tonight was the third and final US presidential debate. I used to enjoy watching these when I was younger and I enjoyed them. I can’t bear to watch or listen to US politics anymore as they simply rant and rave in order to score points or prove the other person wrong. It doesn’t matter if they lie or talk nonsense, everything is a game and as long as your “team” wins, all is fair.

I don’t know how or why Americans put up with it. I hardly hear anything of substance and it is depressing to see what was once a great nation falling down as it shoots itself in the foot.

I did enjoy hearing about Vice President Biden’s comments where he basically called his opponents bluff and said he was talking nonsense. Finally! Not everyone has to agree to disagree or pretend that the other viewpoint is valid or just as important if it is flat our nonsense or a lie. Good for him!

I would like to see more fact checking and people calling each other out when they lie or try to pull a fast one on the American public.

I don’t know who “won” the debates nor do I care. Why does there have to be a winner? Why isn’t it an exchange of ideas that lets you feel better about who you are voting for in the election? Why don’t they both have valid and strong arguments that make the choice intriguing or difficult? Instead the debates devolve into mud slinging, name calling, lies, and smear tactics.


I wish our Canadian politics were better, but sadly they are becoming more and more American like with each passing election.

I do hope the people of the USA decide on the right choice for their president this November.


What do you think?

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