Quel Shoque


The self imposed deadline by the Robber Barons of the NHL has passed and now there is no chance of a full season this year. Quelle surprise.

Now Canada will have to go without its official sport for a few more months or maybe the whole year. What? Hockey is not the official sport of Canada? Lacrosse? You can’t be serious, get real.

How can anyone take these thieves and crooks seriously when they drive up prices, pay outrageous salaries and then claim they are going broke? Please, we’ve heard this story before and the NHL owners have a very shady past. For example, many owners own their own building. Did you know that the parking is a separate business? And the beer sales? They hide the money and then claim that they can’t afford to pay the salaries that they themselves negotiated and handed out. Riiiiggghhhtt…

I could care less about hockey after the last lockout and I wonder if this one will make many other Canadians realize that watching grown men skate around in cirlces with sticks and hitting each other is kind of an expensive waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all just killing time in one way or another but we have a lot of choices now.

I do feel bad for all the people who make their living somehow related to hockey and I hope the lockout ends for them soon.

In the meantime, Go Pats!


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