It’s Only Stupid if it Doesn’t Work


Lots of people are very superstitious when they watch sports. Some people wear their lucky socks, turn the labels out at key moments or watch the game with their favourite jersey to “help the team”.

I have been known to make sure I wear the right sweatshirt, hat or jersey at various times in my life and sometimes it really did seem to help the team. On one (or many) levels I realize this is ridiculous, but it seemed to work!

It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work.

An unfortunate superstition that I hope to break soon is the notion that if I watch a game live, my favourite team will lose. If I don’t watch the game, they win. This was brought up to me recently by my neighbour who graciously invites me over to watch the game on Sundays on his nice TV. He remarked that our team seemed to be losing whenever we got together to watch the game.

Sure enough, we did not watch the game this week and the Pats won 45-7. But here’s the thing – I did watch the first few minutes when they started losing 7-0. As soon as I stopped watching they went on to demolish the other team. That can’t be a coincidence, can it? CAN IT?

What if this silly new superstition is true? What if I can never watch my favourite team again?

I went for a walk this afternoon with my daughter and brother-in-law instead of watching the game. We were out for a few hours, had some lunch and walked back home. My brother-in-law kept me informed of the game score as we walked by using his phone. I mentioned my new weird superstition to him and I wondered aloud if I should start cheering for the Pats opposing teams each week but my brother-in-law instantly said “they would know”.

Exactly. They would know.

I have two weeks to figure this out before the next game. I will have to devise a counter to this unfortunate new superstition. Maybe two or three new superstitions to break down this new bad one?

It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work.


What do you think?

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