Oontah Gleeben Glauten Glauben


The 80s had a lot of music that was so bad it was so, so good. The new movie “Rock of Ages” plays a lot of these songs and I loved every single song. Every cheesy note and over the top ridiculous guitar solo reminded me of some of my favorite music.

The movie is named after one of Def Leppard’s best songs which tore up the 80s and was on the album “Pyromania”, which is also one of my all time favorite albums. (We called them albums as they were these giant round plastic discs you played by spinning them and having a needle drag across the grooves…crazy!)

Def Leppard were great in concert. Who can forget the lasers, smoke bombs, lights and blistering solos of Steve “Steamin'” Clark. After their drummer lost his arm in an accident, he relearned to play the drums with one arm for the “Hysteria” tour and album. They also introduced a crazy theater in the round stage with the stage in the middle of the areaa with four front rows!

The “Rock of Ages” movie brought back so many memories and I don’t care what anyone says, those songs were and still are fantastic. The hair styles, clothes and posing were all ridiculous of course but the music was great.

If you like 80s hard rock music, Glee and can laugh at some of the old styles, go see “Rock of Ages”.

I really don’t like musicals, but I loved this movie.

Nothing but a good time, indeed.


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