This Kid Can Play


I love this video of 9 year old Sam “Sweet feet” Gordon’s football highlights from this season. This highlight reel is better than anything I have seen this year in the NFL highlights.

The most impressive part of the video is the way the little kid runs. Incredible speed, multiple gears and lateral movement on every play. Some of the cut backs and shiftiness are things you usually see on an NFL field with the elite running backs.

She makes all the other boys look silly on many plays.

Yes, she is a girl. 9 year old Samantha Gordon is playing tackle football for the first time since her brothers coach noticed how fast she can run.

Football is a violent sport, even at the 9 year old level. Her toughness shines through when you see her break tackles and keep her balance. Later in the video you see some of the times when she got caught and took some big hits from the boys.

They did not treat her like a girl.

Keep watching the video because at the end you see little Sam take on bigger boys and lay them out with big hits herself.

A very impressive video. This year is over but I think we will see more of Sam gordon next year.

Play it again, Sam.


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