Inflection Point for the Auto Industry


Guess which car just won the “Car of the Year (COTY)” award from Motor Trend magazine? It’s the Tesla Model S which is an impressive car that can zoom from 0-60 in 4 seconds and travel at speeds up to 133 mph.

It is also a great example of American ingenuity (gasp!) in the automotive industry and not made by one of the big car makers.

And it is electric.

This is not the first time the COTY has been an electric car as just last year the Chevy Volt won the award, but the Volt is a hybrid. This is the first year that the COTY does not have an internal combustion engine. No gasoline either.

It is also a safe car with a luxurious wide and spacious cabin, high tech engineering and many nice touches that you would expect in such a nice car. It has super car speed, crazy fuel efficiency (70+ mpg equivalent), luxury stylings and comfort.

In short, Tesla has built one of the best cars in the world that just happens to be electric.

The downside? The car can only go about 285 miles on a single charge and it takes about 8 hours to recharge. This shouldn’t be a problem for people in the city or suburbs who can charge it when they go home at night.

There are plans for super charging stations to be placed along major highways in the coming years. These stations will allow you to charge about 150 miles worth of charge in about 30 minutes.

Also, the car is on the luxury side of things and the battery itself is expensive to replace. Even so, the technology is promising and should get better and cheaper as the years go by.

Where can I test drive one of these things?


What do you think?

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