Your Brain on Video Games

Black Ops

What if playing Call of Duty was good for you? What weird alternate reality would this be? According to Daphne Bavalier in her TED talk, playing Call of Duty is good for you in our reality! Yay!

She describes how playing games such as Call of Duty can help you learn, focus and multitask. I knew it!!!

Playing these types of games can improve your vision by training you to resolve small details in the visual clutter and better resolve different shades of grey.

These games aid with attention as they help train you to resolve visual conflict better and faster. They also help with object tracking as most people can keep track of 3 or maybe 4 objects where gamers can track 6-7 objects at a time.

Playing fast paced action games can also help with increasing ones ability to multitask. Is there nothing playing more Call of Duty can’t do? Best of all, all of these benefits of training with Call of Duty playing are long lasting, according to these studies by the labs of Daphne Bavalier.

Not only that, but I frequently play while riding a recumbent bike so I am exercising my body as well.

All in all, the perfect exercise regimen for the soldier in all of us.


What do you think?

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