Is This on Target?

Target Bus

The holiday season is here and so is the Target bus. Target is opening stores in Canada next year and they are promoting themselves using a bus with famous Canadian entertainers. The bus will travel from coast to coast from November 30th until the middle of December.

You can follow along on Twitter and Facebook if you like.

I like the idea – who knows, maybe we will head out to see the Target bus when it comes to our town.

Target wants to show Canadians its fun side and tell Canadians that it is coming to town. As a side benefit, they will be talking to people along the way and gathering feedback from Canadians across the country. This market research will help them and the entire trip is probably similar in cost to a large formal study but this one seems so much more fun.

If successful, I wonder if other brands will use this kind of event marketing not only to promote, but conduct market research at the same time.

Go see the Target bus!


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