A Review of a Relic – A First Generation iPad


I was lucky enough to get a first generation iPad when they became available in Canada in May 2010. It was only 2 1/2 years ago but in technology years it is almost ancient. The iPad is now in its fourth generation and has a lot more memory and a nicer screen.

The first iPad was remarkable in many areas. The overall build quality, attention to detail, inclusion of what was necessary (but not everything) and a brand new direction for computing. Not everyone understood this as it was ridiculed as a giant iPod touch but I knew it was something big as soon as I saw it demoed by Steve Jobs.

When I first got it I did not want to pull it out in public if I wanted to use it because everyone was curious and had a lot of questions.

It was so mesmerizing that I used it for presentations and everyone wanted to see whatever it was I was presenting. It also worked as a job search tool and I got a job at Sylvestre Marketing partly because of my iPad.

It still works great and while I would like the new screen, I still think the original screen is very good. Not all of the new apps run on my old iPad and I can no longer upgrade the OS, but it is still a reliable device.

It is my favorite device for writing, reading, surfing, looking at social media sites, some games, surfing the web, watching video and photos.

I will upgrade the iPad one day but most likely when this one stops working. It still does everything I need it to so any upgrade may be a long time away.

If anything, we need to upgrade only because my wife loves the iPad so much I don’t see it as much as I used to
(First world problems…)

Anyone else holding on to their original iPads because they still get the job done?

Thanks to Patrick Rhone and his post about his first iPad which got me thinking about my iPad.


What do you think?

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