The Best Stylus for an iPad


Didn’t Steve Jobs say that if “you need a stylus, you blew it”? Why do so many people want a stylus and why are there so many to choose from?

Drawing apps! There are a lot and a couple of the really popular ones are Draw Something and Paper. If you are going to type out notes, just use the built in keyboard, but if you want to feel like you are drawing or sketching, you might want to use a stylus. Most of the stylus’ (stylii?) available assume that you want a relatively thin nub in order to write with and draw as well.

One stylus that looks appealing to me is the Cosmonaut by Studio Neat. Their idea is that drawing on an iPad is more about quick sketches or drawing similar to mapping out ideas on a white board, so their stylus is big and bulky like a dry erase marker. It is simple, neat, tough and reliable. It works great for quick rough sketches but probably is not the one you want for fine tuned artwork.

Despite its simplicity (ppssstt, actually this IS the real reason) most people seem to prefer the cosmonaut over other stylus options for the iPad.

The Verge had a nice roundup of many of the iPad stylus’ available and even has a video review. Check it out HERE if you are interested in getting a stylus for your iPad or iPad mini this Christmas.


What do you think?

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