Pick a Card, Any Card


It’s my little girl’s birthday soon and she wants me to perform some magic at her party. I used to love magic sets when I was a kid but I have long since lost all those tricks. I did receive a new set for Christmas and I was practicing with my little helper today. These tricks reminded me that everything is not always what it seems and how a simple illusion can bring big smiles of joy to people.

I realize most people hate bad magic and know how most of the tricks are done but if you can go back to when you were a kid and magic seemed real, think about how much fun it was. If you poke around Youtube you can find some great tricks that are hard to figure out.

Some of the best tricks involve clever and quick sleight of hand using a deck of cards. I found a mind blowing TED talk where a real card shark displayed some very impressive magic. Great stuff.

We also went to the 793.8 section of our library and checked out some magic books. Two of them are by Joshua Jay and they are really good. Check him out on youTube when you get a chance or just get his books.

I hope it all goes well at the party in a few weeks but the video will not be on YouTube, you will have to be there live if you want to see the Amazing Kent do his tricks!


What do you think?

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