Settlers of Catan Cupcakes


Recently we have been watching the Nerdy Nummies for cake making tips. In addition to some great do it yourself baking tips, Ro makes some fun and nerdy cakes and cupcakes.

Our little girl loves watching the episodes over and over again, even more so than Dora or Blues Clues. My wife and I enjoy watching as well and while we have episodes we prefer, we both agree that the Settlers of Catan episode is our favourite. We like the game a lot as well, but we thought the idea and execution of these cupcakes were mind blowing. Ba-bish!

In addition to helping the sales of Pam baking spray and Micheals craft stores, Ro also helps nerds and geeks bring their hobbies into the kitchen where we can all learn a new and useful skill. Did I say useful? I meant delicious…

There are many, many great episodes – click on the episode below and then follow along on her Youtube channel and subscribe to see weekly updates.

Nummy nummy!


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