Great Customer Service


I had a few great experiences today with customer service in different stores. In some cases I was returning or exchanging gifts, one case of fixing an order that was wrong, and a few general questions in other stores.

Maybe it was my sunny disposition and winning smile, but it seemed like every person I spoke to was almost freaky nice and seemed to want to help me. Maybe my biorhythms were “up” today.

We have come a long way from those days when it was a pain to exchange items and it was almost impossible to get a refund. And when fixing a problem used to be complaining loud and long enough until a compromise was reached.

One thing that has not changed is the “do you have your receipt?” question that everyone asks as they also ask for your credit card. If I paid by credit card, isn’t all the necessary info on file and can’t they randomly press three keys on their computers like in the movies to verify my purchase?

Why do I need to keep a flimsy little scrap of paper in this day and age to verify my purchase?


Luckily I still had my receipts and winning smile so the day was a smashing success with all my customer service interactions.


What do you think?

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