Are Magic Tricks Lame?


A lot of people think magic tricks, juggling and ventriloquism are pretty lame. Not true! (Ok, maybe ventriloquism)

I recently got a magic set for Christmas and so did my daughter. She loves seeing tricks, trys to perform a few of her own and I think magic is a fun hobby. Most of the tricks I see or do are for kids with little tiny plastic props. Most of them are fun, but they are kind of easy to figure out.

I used to have a few sets when I was a kid and many of the tricks are the same and “really take me back” as they say.

As I looked around for older or “more professional” tricks, I stumbled across Joshua Jay’s books are they are excellent for adding some class to your magic tricks.

I kept looking and found out there is a Magic magazine which has Neil Patrick Harris on the cover this month. What’s that you say? Yes, M. Harris is the president of the Magic Castle, a night club in LA for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Every night there must be Legend-wait for it…derry! (Up top…)

I don’t have much more to add other then I love it when seemingly random events from my life match up since I have been watching a lot of “How I Met Your Mother” lately and also have been investigating and practicing some magic.

And the circle?-chain?-pyramid! is complete.


What do you think?

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