Our Little Girl Learns to Ski


Today was a fun day and another first for our little girl. She learned how to ski!

We took her on the ‘magic carpet’ and I skied backwards while holding her hands as she learned how to make her skis like ‘pizza slices’ to slow down, turn and stop.

She had a lot of fun and did a lot better than I thought or hoped she would. I was very impressed with her ability, balance and willingness to stand in the cold. It was very cold today at -27 but she was smiling the whole time.

Her favorite part was when she got to go ‘fast’ as I let her go and then caught her after 10 feet or so. It has been a few years since I have skied but it seems like riding a bicycle as I was skiing backwards no problem and it felt as natural as it used to feel when I skied.

She had a lot if fun and wants to go sling again tomorrow so we must have done something right.

I hope it is a little bit warmer tomorrow for lesson number two.

Also, some of you may have noticed that I failed to post anything yesterday and broke my chain. Oh noes! This was not intentional and I hope to start another long chain starting today.


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