And That’s My Two Cents


Canada does not use the penny anymore – that’s right there is no more penny! (How will I will throw in my two cents now?)

First we lost the dollar bill, then the two dollar bill and now this. When will it end Canada?

No more penny candy or squishing pennies on railroad tracks – it is the end of an era.

If I had a nickel for every time someone complained about pennies…

From a marketing standpoint, does the price 9.95 seem that much cheaper than 9.99? Will it help move more merchandise as people forget to add the extra dollar and subconsciously think they are getting a deal?

And where does the insanity end? Why not get rid of all coins less than a dollar? Let’s make the loonie the new penny.


I will miss that little copper piece of money.

Save a few for the grand kids.


What do you think?

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