Too Salty


Lately I have been preparing a lot if the meals and I use a few shortcuts with canned goods. My wife reminded me that a lot if these products have a lot of salt. Some of them have almost a full days recommended “dose” in one can!

I wonder how many people notice or care about the salt in canned or processed food. My theory is that most men don’t care and many but not all women care. Just a hunch but that could be an interesting study for canned food manufacturers. They could do research to figure out if low salt options would either taste just as good or even sell better in today’s health conscious environment.

The weird thing is I never put salt on my food and I don’t think I eat that much salt but when I look at the labels of some of the food we eat I realize I do eat a lot of salt. What are all those people who eat fast food in addition to the usual processed foods doing to their blood pressure?

Time to eat more fruits and vegetables!


What do you think?

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