Digital Disruption


The music industry went through a painful digital disruption last decade as people decided they would rather download music piece by piece instead of trekking to the mall to buy a CD. Many other industries felt serious pain as digital distribution took over.

While Amazon and a few other companies have been around for awhile it feels like a massive digital disruption is about to happen in all industries.

As I drove home tonight I noticed a big Benjamin Moore store has closed and has been replaced with a new Starbucks. Later, in a used bookstore, we found out the store is closing next week due to the high rent and dropping sales due to Kindles and iPads.

And just this week a bunch of Best Buy stores and Future Shops closed due to low sales as more and more people use these big stores as showrooms and then order the same products online.

This is going to be painful for all the shopping malls as more and more people decide to buy online and have the items shipped to their door. This is already starting to happen as many people do most of their Christmas shopping online.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just something I have noticed lately. The potential has been there for years, it just seems to me that the time is right or we at almost at a tipping point of sorts.

Of course, if we lose our stores and wait in our homes for the goods to arrive, what happens to our society and what happens when the oil runs out?

These are the kinds of questions that keep me lonely at parties. *sigh*


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