Is Art Expensive?


My little girl had ballet class today and a birthday party at an art store where they made splatter paintings. Both activities cost a little money and more than if she just played in the snow but both activities seemed to be memorable.

I wonder how much she will remember about anything she does when she is young but it is nice to see her try different activities.

The splatter party had a part where all the little girls and boys had to show their messy hands to all the Moms (*sigh*) and the party was very messy and a lot of fun.

The party was at 4 Cats art studio and they offer a lot of art classes that look like a lot of fun for both adults and kids. It is not cheap entertainment but shouldn’t art be something we are willing to pay for as entertainment? We spend so much on TV, movies and other activities so why not spend more on art?

This studio offers not only classes but fun books on art history for kids (and adults) that bring art to life. This seems like something worthwhile to me and justifies the expense. We are so spoiled now with cheap prices on so many things that we forget that some things like the arts are worth money as well.

Different strokes for different folks but if you are looking for something interesting, educational and worthwhile for your kid, check out places like 4 Cats art studios.


What do you think?

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