Oh Great, Now We’re Back to This


So the crazy has finally come back to the PQ government in Quebec. According to their fearless leader Pauline Marois, the PQ must now go on the offensive with respect to the sovereignty of Quebec.

“We have been on the defensive since the ’95 referendum,” Marois said. “From now on we are on the offensive.”

They must go on because the 30% of the people of Quebec who are confused about what it means demand that we have another expensive and ridiculous referendum to decide if Quebec should separate. When does this end?

It is not the third period or even double overtime – the game is over.

Here is hoping that the good people of Quebec once again vote down the idea of breaking up one of the great countries of the world.

On the other hand, this should provide some great material for both the English and French comedians of Canada and Quebec.

Videos like “Awaille Kevin” do not help with the idea of a distinct Quebec culture. It is distinct, but this does not help Canadians want to keep Quebec.

Maybe the PQ could adopt this as their election platform and hire Kevin. The Canadians might be tempted to kick Quebecers out of Canada.

Awaille PQ, osti continue comme ça!


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