When Market Research Goes Bad


Have you heard about the new morning drink from Pepsi? It is called Kickstart, comes in a can, and tastes like a fruity Mountain Dew. It has less caffeine than coffee and less juice than real juice. (Obviously)

It’s the worst of both worlds!

I’m sure there were many focus groups and surveys done to figure out if people would like a Kickstart to their day and somehow they asked the wrong questions or messed up the data because this drink looks like failure in a can to me.

“This drink looks like failure in a can.”

It is a great idea to do research before launching a new product but start with some common sense Pepsi. What group of people wants a drink that takes the worst of the two best morning drinks, combines them in a can and suggests it become a new morning ritual?

Or it is possible that I am not the target market for something so nasty.

Failure in a Can

The can is nice and it is orange so that is a start. But won’t people realize that orange juice is a better morning drink?

If people really do start drinking this en masse I will lose faith in humanity. And focus groups.


What do you think?

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