Describing Data Visually


Data can be boring if presented in a loooong paragraph or (god forbid) a powerpoint slide with multiple bullet points. And “Big Data” can be terribly boring only on a much larger scale.

There are ways to make data more interesting and one way is to tell a compelling story with that data. That means just use the data to make your point and leave out all the other (boring) data. Yes, I know you collected it all and want to share it but do some editing and take out the boring parts. Pssst! Most of it is really, really boring. hint, hint.

There are chart options available in your powerpoint slides and please make liberal use of as many pie charts as you can possibly cram into one presentation if you can make them funny.

A few years ago Hans Rosling dazzled the TED audience with a presentation that compiled a lot of data and his software brilliantly described the data in a very compelling way. Go see that talk if you haven’t seen it already.

And please, for the sake of humanity, take it easy with the charts in your powerpoint slides.


What do you think?

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