Happy Accidents


We went out for a sushi lunch today and our usual place was closed. We thought it was a bit strange for it to be closed on a Sunday but we moved on to another spot down the street.

It was closed also.

Why were two sushi places closed on Sunday? Thinking it was a Sushi thing we looked for a pasta place we like and you guessed it – closed.

We almost headed off to McDonalds (the horror) when we decided to try one more (slightly out if the way) sushi shop.

It was called Sushi Shop and it was (sort of) open. They really opened at 2 PM but they left the door open and let us in early.

I had the spicy tuna crunch roll and a new one called red tiger that was out of this world. These sushi rolls were some of the best I have ever had and we never would have had them if the other places had been open today.

It doesn’t always turn out well when plans get messed up but sometimes it leads you to better things than you had planned. Today was one of those days where good stuff happened even though it wasn’t according to plan.