A Bucket For Messieur?


We ate at a buffet today, too bad I didn’t wear stretchy pants.

Or maybe it was a good thing I didn’t wear stretchy pants.

Eight hours later and I am still digesting what I ate. What did I eat? What didn’t I eat? I had the fish, the duck, multiple pork chops and servings of meat pie, rice, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, beets, chick pea salad, cheese, macaroons, cheesecake, raisin pie, key lime pie, and pastries all washed down with many glasses of water, V8 and coffee.

Would I like an after dinner mint with that? (Couldn’t hurt, it’s wafer thin.)

How am I feeling? Better.

Better get a bucket…

The food was delicious and while probably not healthy it was nice to eat enough to last until the next day (or two) so I can hibernate. I ate just enough to be super full but just shy of getting the sweats and wondering if I would explode.

Usually I am not a buffet fan but here is a pro tip for gluttonous dining. Go to any really upscale hotel and use their buffet.

I mean just ruin it.

You don’t even have the stay the night or be a guest. Just walk in and start eating. (You do have to pay for the meal though.) Because it is an upscale hotel the food will be decent quality. It won’t be a 8.95 special but the food will be really good for about 25-30 bucks. This is about the same amount for a “small” portion at a moderately priced restaurant but you can eat anything and as much as you want at the buffet.

Last bonus tip: Wear stretchy pants and bring a bucket if you really go to town.