Friday Night with the Boyz


So tonight the boys came over for some video games, chips and drinks. What was fun when I was twelve is still fun when I am slightly older than that.

Have you ever seen what people look like when they are playing video games? It’s quite the sight as they have a slack jawed expression, their faces flinch every now and then and they speak in halting, broken sentences and no one answers their questions during any intense action.

I know from experience that as you are playing, you feel energized, alert and very focused but it is all in the mind and the fingers. The rest of the body does not display that confidence or energy.

If you want to see what I mean, set up a camera and film yourself playing sometime – you will be amazed at how bad you and your friends look as you play your games.

In any case, the games are fun and it is a great way to build up your hand eye coordination.

Isn’t it?

Ok, well it is a lot of fun.