May I Have the Envelope Please


The Oscars are on tonight and I have not seen any of the movies this year. How did that happen?

I love movies and I used to see them all the time. Now with a kid and a Netflix account I never see any of the new movies. (I tend to watch the TV series on Netflix.)

On top of that, I don’t see any commercials on Netflix so I don’t even know what is playing or what movies came out.

And I don’t miss it.

I do love to see a great movie or even a pretty good one but I can wait until my friends tell me which one or two is worth watching and then rent those couple of movies.

So I will wait until tomorrow when any good parts of the show tonight are on Youtube and go to bed early tonight.

By the way, what are some great movies from the past year? I saw the Dark Knight Rises (loved it!) but not much else.