Argo Won Best Picture


Go Canada!

Even though the story was altered a bit to make the CIA look better and the Canadian involvement was downplayed, relax – it is “based” on a true story.

Like all stories based on truth, the ending (and lots of the middle parts) are changed to make it more exciting or fit with the narrative we want to tell.

Congrats to the Argo team who made a movie about a truly great story.

Why do some people get so upset when they find out that parts of a story are not true? The whole point of movies is to escape and enjoy great stories. In the end, who cares if a few details are changed. Is it that important for all the details to be true?

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

And this cultural phenomenon is not limited to movies. Who can forget a few years ago Oprah weeping about a great story and interviewing the author about his true story. When Queen Oprah discovered that the actual events in the story were not true she blew a hissy fit and tried to discredit the author.

The story was still true in the sense that it was a beautiful moving story. Nothing had changed except that it was fiction but the story remained the same.

Who cares?

All great stories are lies with truth added. Not truth in the sense of what actually happened but truth in the choices made by the characters in the story.

If we are taking about truth in the sense of what actually happened, those are some incredibly boring stories.

No thanks.

When does Argo come to Netflix?