You’re Embarrassing Us Toronto


It snowed this week. Hard to believe, eh? It is hard to believe if you live in Toronto. The news described the situation as a surprise and hardship for the folks in Toronto.

At least they didn’t have to call in the army to clear the streets like they did a few years ago.
Here are a few quotes from the time the army helped Toronto clear some snow back in 2000.

“The Canadian army has arrived in Toronto to do battle against an enemy it can never defeat – the weather.
Four hundred soldiers, backed by armoured vehicles, have taken up posts in Canada’s largest city, ready to help get the crippled metropolis moving again. Besides the 400 soldiers on the ground, another 800 are on standby, waiting for the order to move in and help out. “If we’re asked to dig people out, if we’re asked to take people to hospital, we will,” said Brig.-Gen. Walter Holmes.”

C’mon, Toronto, you’re giving Canadians a bad name. Suck it up and use your shovels you hosers!

We have some (French) snow falling tonight in Montreal and it is extremely beautiful. I may not think it is so beautiful tomorrow when I am shovelling it but it looks nice tonight as it falls.

After all, it is winter in Canada.