Is Freedom 55 an Outdated Concept?


Remember those commercials from the 80s that promised freedom at age 55 if you saved enough money for retirement?

The actor in those ads is now 62, still working and has no plans to retire anytime soon. Like a lot of baby boomers, they are getting older but have no plans to make way for the next generation. They are living longer than their parents and grandparents did and they see no reason to quit now. According to the last census, their life expectancy has risen by 30 years in the last century.

In Canada, the boomers now make up almost 30% of the population but control almost two thirds of the country’s consumer spending. A documentary called “The Boomer Revolution” aired tonight on the CBC and the marketing team was surprised to hear the reactions from the younger generations X and Y who do not like the boomers. (No kidding, their reactions can be summed up by “move on already, you’ve had your turn.”)

The goal of the documentary was to “get the conversation started”.

Freedom 75?