Something Fishy About Today


We spent the day today at the Aquarium. We saw a lot of fish and a few water based mammals as well. It was an entertaining day and the aquarium is well set up for families and kids.

Highlights included the dolphins leaping in the air, the sea otters swimming, the octopus, Amazon area, sea lions and the belugas.

I avoided the seafood at lunch (didn’t feel right) and opted instead for the oh so healthy chili fries with cheese. Mmmmmm…

Our little girl got a stuffed dolphin (not an actual dolphin, but a plushy doll) with her own money and we picked up a fridge magnet (hey big spender) with a picture of the two sea otters. One of the two otters died a few years ago so they do not swim together anymore. There are two sea otters again, but they are in different tanks.

At the end of the day, the sun came out and we got a look at the beautiful mountains right beside us.