Flying a Kite


Today was a funny day. It started off with a game set up by our little girl. She lined up her stuffed animals and then we took turns using them to tell jokes in an improv way. Like all improv, some jokes worked and a lot did not, but we had fun.

After lunch we went for a walk on this blustery April day well equipped with skipping rope, a baby doll in a stroller and a kite. (The essentials)

The kite turned out to be more of an adventure than I anticipated. As my wife started out the kite got caught on a low branch of a small tree which sent out wails of protest from our little girl. She was upset because this kite was from a birthday party loot bag (and all we used to get was gum – maybe). After we retrieved the kite I decided that I should try and get some altitude fro this kite and as the kite rose majestically into the sky the string holder thingy slipped out of my hands.

No problem I thought and then watched in slow motion horror as the kite continued to climb as did the volume of the wailing from my little girl. The kite caught on the branches of a tree about 30 feet up before it could catch a nice updraft and disappear forever. The tree flew the kite quite nicely for a few minutes before the string slowly came loose and the wind calmed down as well so that the kite fell into my arms.

My wife had a great idea to untie the kite string and after I wound the string back up we reattached the kite and continued to fly it in the park without any further mishaps as I used two hands and the handle to fly the kite.

Our little girl even managed to fly her kite for a little bit through her dried tears as we had yet another wonderful family moment.