That Was a Long Weekend


This Easter weekend was 5 days long. We had good Friday, Easter Monday AND a Tuesday P.D. day. (How many P.D. days do they need? Isn’t that what July and August are for?!?).

It was too short and maybe a little too long. There was a birthday party, kite flying, get togethers and a nice family Easter dinner. (Thanks Mom!)

The school week started today which used to be our mid week after school break day where we head over to the local community center to do some home work and play some games. Our little girl really seems to enjoy it although the cupcake may have something to do with the appeal as well.

We share the space with a bunch of other girls who can be quite noisy which is a bit annoying as it is supposed to be a quiet study area. Their mother comes by every week and asks if her girls are bothering us, barely listens and then leaves them for an hour or two. At least they whisper sometimes.

Our little girl has also been taking magic lessons at school (no, she does not go to Hogwarts…I wish!) and I always like to see her new trick when she gets home. Today’s trick was a three card trick where the middle card mysteriously changes to another.

I remember my magic kits when I was a kid and I have recently been relearning a few tricks myself. It is a fun hobby and also a nice way to spend time with the little one.