Is the Heat On?


Phew! It’s hot and that’s the way I like it. Sometimes it feels sweltering but since summer (July) is here in Canada, I’ll take it.

Our local pool has swimming lessons for the kids in the morning and an “Aqua Fit” class right after. I joined the ladies for Aqua Fit today to escape the heat and got a little bit of exercise too.

One of the lifeguards joined us in the water and said she was so young compared to the rest of us and I thought – old?!?!  Let’s show that whipper snapper how to slosh around to the oldies…oh wait.

But I do love summer, even with our sometimes oppressive humidity and heat.

Is the Heat on?

I will try not to complain tonight as I try to get to sleep hoping the fan will cool me off just enough to get to sleep.

Is the heat on?




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