The Struggle is the Learning


It’s a beautiful fall day and Canadian Thanksgiving. The sun is out and playtime is over and homework time is here.

It’s always hard to know how much I should let my little one struggle before jumping in with the answer. Sometimes time is short and you want her to get it right so you “help” her finish.

Maybe the struggling and thrashing is where the actual learning takes place. Ultimately who really cares what 6+8 is or how you pronounce “birthday” in French.

But figuring out how to push through the hard part and find one or many answers is invaluable.

Despite constant pressure to excel and be right the first time I think it may be helpful in the long run to make a lot of mistakes early. Not only will you have a better shot at the most improved award, you will also learn to adapt and push forward when the going gets tough.

And sometimes it is really tough to wait patiently for a seven year old to read a book when you want to get them in bed.

Enjoy the struggle!


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