Geek Dad, Geek Daughter?


Today we sat around and did crafts, read books and watched videos. At one point, I pulled out my spanking new Basic D&D set (Christmas present) and once again pulled out dice, paper and pencil to enjoy a thrilling solo (!) D&D adventure.Basic D&D It was surprisingly fun and I learned a lot and remembered a lot as well from all those D&D sessions in the past, oh those many decades ago. (Note: If I was not already married I might have cursed myself to be forever alone after a solo D&D session).

I was especially impressed with my daughter who watched me play, asked a few questions and at the same time showed my her littlest pet shop book and stickers. What she was doing was making up her own game with rules, characters and objectives.

D&D Basics We got out a Scrabble board, some pet shop characters and tokens and played a wonderful (Calvin and Hobbes-esque) game that involved spelling words, sounding out letters, moving pet shops around, gathering tokens and points and levelling up.

The geek in me smiled as the game unfolded. Who knows, maybe she will one day also like to play D&D.

Today was a fun day and a great start to 2014!


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