Hello 2014!



Another year is here! I saw the stats from last year and I was a little surprised that although I had almost twice as many posts as the year before, my readership dropped. (Mom, where were you? 🙂  )

So, as a fresh new start, I switched the theme. I may switch a few more times until I find one I really like, but that is all part of my new years “words” – not resolutions.

“Learn, Laugh and Listen.”

I got the idea for three words to guide you through the year from Chris Brogan – he writes a great blog, books and does a lot of stuff online – you should check him out. Basically, the idea is to pick out three words that will help guide you in your decisions for the coming year instead of trying (and failing) with unrealistic expectations of typical resolutions.

My words for the year are “Learn, Laugh and Listen.”

As long as I am learning something new or getting better at something, that is forward progress. If I can remember to laugh and not take things too seriously, I may actually learn a lot more. And finally, if I listen (A LOT) more, my wife will be happier which I hear is a way to have a happy life.

We’ll see how it goes.

Finally, I will take another crack at the “Don’t Break the Chain” theory and try to keep up with this blog.



What do you think?

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