Old School Gaming


Many, many years ago I enjoyed playing two role playing games – Dungeons and Dragons and Top Secret. Both were filled with rules, charts, graphs, dice, pencil and paper and yes they were very, very nerdy. Somewhere around High School I stopped playing because we all thought it was too nerdy and would lower our chances with the fairer sex and might increase our chances of wedgies.

It is too bad we stopped playing D&D because the game was (and still is!) a lot of fun. Since I played the older version of the game I looked online for the old books and I found a huge amount of info. Apparently D&D is on it’s 4th edition and there are multiple rule books and opinions on each version. Fortunately for me, there are a lot of people who prefer the TSR 1st edition (1e) of the game so there is a lot of info available to get back into the “Old School” way of things.

In the years that have passed, a new company called “Wizards of the Coast” owns the rights to D&D and they have many PDFs of the older materials available. (I loooove the old artwork – so many memories…) They are also working on the next version of D&D which should be out sometime in the next 12-18 months (?).

Old School HackAs a happy accident, I stumbled upon a small (and free) version” of D&D called “Old School Hack” and this is a great way for lapsed (or never was) gamers like myself who like the old style of gaming. This small game has the basic feel of D&D, but greatly simplified with the fun factor cranked to 11. It is goofy and fun and the perfect way to break back into tabletop role play gaming.

I highly recommend downloading the PDF and reading through to see what basic D&D is like and it is also quite humorous with beautiful artwork as well.

I managed to convince a few friends to give the game a try and we will have our first session tomorrow. A full write up and review will be coming later this weekend.

I will try and draw inspiration on being the “Game Master” (GM) from Howard Wolowitz (the Master) of Big Bang Theory.