A Great Canadian Pastime


Today the weather finally warmed up (-4 almost Canadian summer!) and we headed off to the local hill for one of the great Canadian pastimes, sliding down a hill on slippery things!

None of the kids got out of the way of the other kids and only a few wore helmets (tourists?) and the bumps were big enough to send kids flying. Surprisingly, there were very few injuries and a great time was had by all. My daughter especially liked the “fake crash” at the end of every single ride down the hill.

It never got old.

Sled Crash

We had a brutal cold snap the last few days as it was -26 or so and it was nice not to be so cold that you actually feared for your safety. The feeling of rushing down the hill while trying to stay on the sled and avoid all the people was quite the thrill. There was one bump where I absorbed a little too much of the hill with my butt on landing, but for the most part the sliding was fun and not scary.

Like many human endeavours, sliding down a frozen hill on a slippery thing (for fun!) and doing it over and over again is a very strange thing to do.

A nice way to spend the time.

Really? Is it?

Today it was.