Read About it on Twitter


So today was back to school for the kids and as usual the answer to what did you do today was “not much” and they learned “nothing”. When pressed for more info, my daughter said I could read about it on twitter.


Well, that was a new one and made me laugh out loud. It is true, her teacher does tweet out what the class has done that day, most days. And while I can find out a little bit about her day in 140 (or fewer)¬†characters, is this an improvement over the “not much” I usually get?

I’m not so sure this is an improvement.

I do know that I really don’t get twitter and I have tried to figure it out for a long time. Maybe that will be something I actually learn this year. I guess that means I will have to tweet and talk to (real) people who tweet and have seen a use for it other than shouting out random jokes and info to people they don’t know in real life.

Or something.

If I do figure out something really important about twitter, I’ll tweet it out and you can read all about it on twitter.

Or at least figure out what my daughter’s class did today.