Peter Doig Exhibit in Montreal


I got a chance to see the Peter Doig exhibit in Montreal last week and I was underwhelmed. This is because I do not “understand” art. I appreciate art and I know what I like, but I do not pretend to understand what makes “great” art. In addition to impressionist paintings, I also like “Dogs Playing Poker” and a good velvet Elvis when I see one.

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.”

What I do like is the wild and optimistic descriptions paintings have that are flowery and make even the most basic painting sound like a monumental masterpiece. The kind of over the top puffery that makes a painting like this sell for 11.3 million dollars. It’s a nice piece of art, but…

White Canoe


The exhibit overall was decent, but not really my thing, baby. I always enjoy our museum and I am glad that the museum is getting more popular and busy with Montrealers.

From a marketing perspective, I find it fascinating that in a year when free access was removed, membership increased over 143% (mo’ money) and visitors to the museum soared and reached an all time high of over 1 million visitors last year. If you are offering a service or product, make sure you use price effectively – free is not a good option if you want to make money.

Last years Chihuly glass exhibit was spectacular and may have been the main reason for the museum’s success, but the changes I’ve noticed go beyond that exhibit. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts should be on your list of things to see if you visit.

I may be a little bit harsh with the Doig exhibit, and I did find a painting of his I really do like a lot. This was not in the exhibit, but I found it online.

Peter Doig

Even though this past exhibit was not my favourite, I do enjoy our membership and the various exhibits at the museum. A big part of the fun for me is looking at the older parts of the museum again and again, as the whole place is filled with great, interesting and sometimes just weird art.

Check it out.