One Exuscitating Night Only


Yesterday we trekked over the border to Upper Canada Village and stepped back in time. This olde timey recreation of a village in the 1860s has people dressed up in character, a working bakery, saw mill and blacksmith as well as many other places of interest.

Upper Canada Village

A highlight for me was the baker, who makes a few hundred (!) loaves of bread every day. This requires 600 lbs of flour, all mixed and kneaded by hand (!) every day. Aye caramba! He was quite funny in the way he interacted with us and explained how bread was made in the 1860s, and the exact same way he makes it today.


At the general store, they had a flyer made by the local print shop advertising an upcoming music show by the Travelling Tiltons. I liked the look of the flyer with the old style fonts and the impressive alliteration but what made me smile was the line at the top which read “One Exuscitating Night Only”.

At a quick glance, my brain transformed the word I did not recognize into “Excruciating”, and I laughed out loud at the supreme confidence of the wording. I figured the band must be pretty sure of itself if it was willing to say it would be excruciating to hear them.

Once I reread it, I realized it was an old timey way of saying exciting (I think), but I still found it interesting that our brains can trick us so easily.

The actual singers in the village are quite good and one of the singers was amazing, or should I say “exsucitating”?

My wife got the opportunity to milk a cow and my daughter had great fun seeing all the animals including sheep and a three week old foal.

All in all, it was a fun day.

Drop by Upper Canada Village if you want to step back in time and see how people lived and worked (man, did they work!) 150 years ago.